Why You Need A Calgary Lawyer for Getting Accident Benefit Claim?

After some residents of Calgary heard about proposed changes to the Province’s Accident Benefits Claim, those same residents posted a petition online. The petition was directed at the government of Calgary, which regulated the nature of the accident benefits.  
Who financed the posting of the survey; who was going to pay for announcements, regarding the number of people that had signed the survey? Many organizations appreciated the concerns of the Canadians living in Calgary, and dealing with conditions such as an accident-caused traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can become a lifetime impairment. Consequently, Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary knows that an accident victim that has sustained such an injury has survived a catastrophic occurrence.

What were Calgary’s accident benefits for survivors of a catastrophic occurrence, at the time of the petition?

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The Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary was of the view that maximum award was million Canadian dollars for medical and rehabilitation benefits. Some amount for maximum level of attendant benefits.  

What was the proposed maximum, in terms of benefits for those with a catastrophic injury?

The government had proposed cutting each benefit in half, and then combining the 2 of them into a single benefit. That would mean offering only $500,000 for both medical and rehabilitation services, including attendant care services. An additional measure in the government’s proposal put a limit on the length of time for which any person with a non-catastrophic injury could obtain reduced benefits. According to the proposed measure, no such accident victim, one with a non-catastrophic injury could expect to receive a benefit payment beyond the span of 5 years after the injury-causing accident. Moreover, the size of that payment would be reduced, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary. The existing maximum of $86,000 would be lowered to $65,000.

Objection to the proposed changes

Those lawyers understood the long and difficult recovery that gets experienced by an accident victim with a catastrophic injury. Each attorney that had represented a client with such a condition felt obligated to fight any attempt at ignoring the needs of that client, and the other victims with a similar condition.  
Each Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary had seen the degree to which a motor vehicle accident can cause an injured driver or passenger to live in a drastically-altered world. It is a world in which the performance of everyday tasks becomes a struggle. For instance, an injured victim might need to have someone feed him or her at every meal. That makes it difficult to plan a single day. Arrangements have to be made each day, for having someone available, in order to carry out the feeding chore. Moreover, there is no hope for finding a way to do away with those necessary arrangements.